Our portrait sessions are a bit different.

Why? Because we get to know you! We spend time planning a session that will capture the real you. What you love, what makes you happy, and who fills up your heart and soul. When the session finally rolls around we’re super excited to work with you!

Our sessions are all about having fun! No cheesy smiles or stiff poses. Only REAL smiles here. Our job is to make sure you are enjoying being together. The magic happens when you feel something can be created. Our candid style encourages you to have fun, be creative and most of all, be yourselves!

Photography can bring all those little moments and beautiful details to life. The way you hold hands, the crooked shy smiles, freckles on a nose, laughter, and the way you cuddle.

That’s what we want to capture for you. Details you will remember forever.portraiture

Each session is unique, personal, and definitely not mass produced.

We will work together in creating how your session will be captured. Where you want your session, the clothes you like to wear, the items that are special to you that you want to include such as Pets, props, and toys.

We are thrilled when we walk away from a session with new friends who say the session itself is as fun as receiving the images.


What happens after your session?

I will carefully select your final images from all the images I photographed the day of your session and custom edit each one. All images receive complimentary digital enhancements, minor touch ups and post processing. This includes blemish elimination.