Not exactly sure what your photo needs? How long will it take to restore your photo? How do you get the photos to me? Let me go over some basics with you. Don’t forget – you can always ask if you don’t find your answers here.

Photo Restoration Services Explained:
My photo restoration services range from simple, to moderate, to extensive restoration of damage.

Simple Photo Restoration includes the following:
Dust Removal (remove the specks on an image)
Color and Contrast Correction (reverse slight fading)
Remove Minor Scratches & Blemishes (small scratches and spots)

Moderate Photo Restoration includes the following:
Remove Moderate Scratches & Stains (medium sized scratches and spots)
Repair of Moderate Fading & Discoloration (the photo is starting to fade or color)
Repair of Worn Edges
Repair of Moderate Creases & Blemishes (no missing pieces)

Extensive Photo Restoration includes the following:
(This service is for severely damaged photos or significant changes to a photo.)
Extreme Photo Repair
Reconstruction of Missing Areas
Removal of Objects or People
Removing a Person and placing into their own photo
Combining 2 or more photos

Photo Enhancement Services Explained:
My Photo Enhancement Services range from simple to extreme. There are so many things you can do with photos. Here are just a few ideas.

Add color! I love adding touches of color to vintage photos. Flowers or toys are the perfect item to color in a Vintage Photo.

Reversal of Fading & Color Correction. We all have a photo that’s on a wall across from a window.

Blemish Removal and Skin Smoothing

Removing/Adding people or objects

Switch heads! Oh, I have had fun with this. There is always one child with that funny look on their face. Whether it be a team photo or a family snap shot.

Modifying a Background

Photo Preservation
Preserving precious memories are what photographs are for. I do take on big projects. I can scan all of your family photos at a high resolution and provide them on CD.

Photos, Negatives, and slides can all be scanned quickly and easily.

How long does it take?
You are probably thinking this will take a long time. Actually I can have your photos back to you in a few days. If you are wanting custom work done, it may take longer.

Can I approve my photos?
How do you know you will be happy with your enhanced photo? A proof will be provided for your review and approval. Once approved, you will be provided with the high resolution copy of your restored photo. If you are not 100% satisfied with your photo after reviewing the proofs, I will work on them until you are. If I cannot provide you with the finished product you expected, I will return your money to you. Please note that after approval and delivery of your photos, the money back guarantee is no longer applicable.
Also, the money back guarantee does not extend to any completion deadline unless agreed upon in writing by both parties. Please submit any deadline requirements with your original order.

Can I mail my photos to you?
Yes you can mail your photos to me. Should you mail your photos, please take precautions as I am not responsible for photos lost in the mail. Use a service where you will be issued a tracking number, such as USPS Priority and request signature confirmation of delivery. UPS and FedEx are also reliable and provide tracking numbers and signature confirmation.

Can I send you a digital file of the original image?
Yes. You may send me a digital file of the original image. Please see my requirements below. If I do not have the proper file, then your photo restoration will not be at its best.

1. Please scan your photo using 600 dpi resolution (minimum). If you request photo enlargement scan the original with even larger dpi resolution (600-1200 dpi).
2. Scan photo in color even if your original is black & white.
3. Save it in JPG format, at 100% quality. This will create the largest file size.

Scanning Tips:
Check your photos for dirt or dust.
Check your scanner glass for dirt or dust.
Avoid corrections. Some scanning software offers auto repair features. Turn these off as it alters the file.
Save it in JPG or TIFF format, at 100% quality. Do not optimize.

Can You Restore Any Photo?
No. Some photos are damaged beyond repair and cannot be saved. I cannot tell until I see the photo. If there is still a small portion of an image in the photograph, chances are I can rescue it. If I cannot restore your photo I will let you know why immediately.

Please Note: While I can repair a great many types of damage, I cannot fix an out of focus image.

Why Do You ask for Payment In Advance?
Photo restoration is intensive and can take time. I cannot spend hours on a photo and hope to be paid for my work. Instead, I offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your photo.