A few fun facts about us: 

  • Connie and Patrick are our first names.
  • Supper is the first thing I think about when I wake up. I love to cook.
  • I am obsessed with chocolate.
  • I love history.
  • Patrick has seen parts of the world I dream of seeing.
  • Patrick loves music. Everything from Classical to Indie, from Country to Rock. He loves it all.
  • I am incredibly sarcastic…ask anyone.
  • I am OCD about cleaning…Patrick is messy…it’s kind of a problem.
  • Sleep doesn’t really factor much into our life.
  • Patrick’s first love is Chick…his horse.
  • I see the world in photos and paints. I can’t turn it off.
  • Patrick keeps me sane and incredibly inspired.
  • Some of our best ideas happen when lying in the hammock.
  • I feel like I started really living when I met Patrick.
  • We have the most amazing friends and family.
  • I believe we all need to spread our wings and fly to our own beat.