Ha Ha Tonka State Park, MO

I’ve been quiet for a while now. I guess you could say that it was my winter brooding. But, in all honesty, it was more than that. I’ve been moody. I’ve been angry. I’ve been introspective, sad, lonely, faithless, lost. There was no spark. No creativity. I had been focusing on the past, looking in my rear view mirror instead of forward out the windshield.

It was the picture of the castle, sitting high on the hill with an unencumbered view of the world, the light shining on the golden grass with the wall of windows letting in the view of the outside; that started me thinking about all of the things I should have and tried to leave behind. All things are transparent. People and things come into your life for a reason. They leave the same way. You can choose to bend, turn yourself inside out becoming something else, to keep hold of them, or you can choose yourself. By being true to yourself, you can look through that window ahead of you and see clearly the things that truly matter, giving you the courage to open a door and leave the past behind.