Heading South and West, we took a road trip last fall over Halloween weekend. Ha Ha Tonka was our destination, via whatever interesting stops we came across along the way. Uranus, MO definitely fell into the category of interesting. Speeding down the highway, we first saw a billboard featuring a slogan for the fudge factory and I do believe the pun was intended. We looked at each other, started laughing and came across another billboard and another; all with very inappropriately hilarious slogans. Needless to say, we had to stop!

What we found on Old Route 66 was best described as a quirky, fun, hippy dippy, party spot. In one location you can get ate by a dinosaur, get a tattoo, play a game of pool, watch a burlesque show in a Saloon, put out a fire, AND get the best fudge in Missouri. Unfortunately, we stopped there in the morning. All we could do was raid the old fashioned candy shop for real salt water taffy and fudge. But hey, what’s a road trip without a little junk food.