Waverly Mansion, West Point, Mississippi

Catching up on some of the things I want to get done, I realized that I hadn’t finished the photos from Waverly Mansion. This was our impromptu visit on our way home from vacation this summer. On the way there, I had passed up the driveway and we wound up at a riverside park having a Picnic by the River.

Needless to say, this place was amazing! We spent three hours there just wandering around and speaking to the owners, who bought and are still lovingly restoring this house after it had sat deserted for 50 years. We learned all about the history of the mansion and it’s share cropping tenants. This Civil War era plantation was originally 500,000 acres. During the end of the war, the Confederates used the house as a base and the windowed Cupola as a lookout. Many of the features are original to the house – light fixtures, moldings, etc. Original papers were found in the house as well, detailing daily life. We spoke of the ghost of a little girl that haunts one of the upper bedrooms and how the tree trimmers argue about the age of the Magnolias on the property; one says 250 years, the other 300 years old.

A beautiful, peaceful visit and charming residents extending true southern hospitality.