High School Senior Session- St Francis State Park, MO

On Sunday morning, we met up with the gorgeous graduate below for her Senior photo session. She showed up, completely casual, at ease, and hard for me to read. I started working, snapping away and I still couldn’t figure her out. I soon learned she was game. There was a beautiful avenue through the trees and I could see her in the middle of it. SO, she went for a piggy back ride and got introduced to Patrick. That’s when things finally clicked. He dropped her in the middle of the trees and I shouted instructions every few steps. The shots were beautiful – electric yellow leaves, black and grey tree trunks, and an avenue of silver, green and white blown out leaves adding a touch of dreaminess. We did a lot of laughing for about ten minutes while we picked all the stickers off her clothes when she finally made it out. Things really loosened up when I broke out my spider avoiding karate moves. (Yeah, spiders are creepy.) We had a blast and the session turned into the perfect casual showplace for her laid back roll with it personality.

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