Waverly Ferry Recreation Area; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

Coming back from vacation, we decided to wander and see where we wound up. It didn’t take long to find a side trip. About twenty minutes east of West Point Mississippi is a fantastic picnic spot where we stopped to have lunch. Our goal was the Waverly Plantation. I, um, passed up the driveway and we wound up at a riverside park. It was stunning! The sunlight glistened off of the softly moving water. We spotted a couple of herons that flew off at our approach. Turtles and frogs slid off of the lily pads into the water – peaceful. Waterlilies were everywhere! (Some of you know about my obsession with waterlilies.) We tried to get to the old pivoting railroad bridge, but couldn’t get up the incline in our flip-flops. (Note to self – next time change shoes so you don’t miss the white heron.) We stayed put for a good hour, just relaxing and having our lunch.