Alligator Alley, Summerdale, AL

Ok, so this is why we didn’t wander off of the trail in the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge.  This place was pretty cool. We didn’t know what to expect when we pulled in, but these guys are amazing. They have alligators ranging in size from hatchlings to mature adults over 15 ft and they all know when it’s feeding time.  

Walking first into a great park like setting, you then continue on to a maze of elevated walkways through the swamp. We had just stepped onto the walkways and one of the handlers asked if we had seen the “Big Guy” yet. He told us to follow him and he would show us. They have quite a few gators over 15 feet, so when we say big guy, we mean the big guy. Captain Crunch is the main show, but we were surprised by the biggest guy in the swamp when he came from underneath us, right under our feet and it was one of the most creepy feelings.