Valentine’s Day! I am a bit of a sentimental person. (Just a little.) I have feathers, rocks, odd bits and bobs, a collection of memories tied to little things. I am a collector of stories as well as people. After all some people have the most amazing stories!  So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to collect funny or romantic or outlandish stories of people on one of the most sentimental days of the year?

CUPIDCONTESTwebHere’s how to enter:

  1. Submit a snapshot of you and your significant other as a couple doing what you do best and showing us who you truly are. Smiling, laughing, cuddling, cooking, hiking, painting – whatever you love to do as a couple.
  2. Tell us the story of how you met for the first time.
  3. Post your photo and story to my facebook page at or email us at

Submission deadline is Feb 10, 2015.  Five finalists will be chosen from all participants and posted on Feb 12.  Of those five finalists, one will be chosen as the winner of the free photo session and posted on Feb 13, 2015. (Please note the restrictions below.)

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Because I am such a sentimental person, I’ll kick this contest off with my own story of what happened when I met Patrick for the first time.  Now some of you know that I had been talking to him for a few weeks. However, at the time we hadn’t met face to face yet as I was on the fence about it. Little did I know that we would be stuck like glue almost four years later. Anyhoo, on that fateful day…

I was having a really bad day at work. By lunch I wanted a drink and a beach and everything to just go away. I get a text from Crazy Man, aka Patrick, and yes, this day is how he ended up with his name. After a brief blur of texting fingers, I gave in and agreed to meet. I figured – my day can’t get any worse.  We agreed to meet at a park. I would bring the glasses and he would bring the wine. He asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted. Yep, I know what I like – Frog’s Leap Sauvingnon Blanc.

Going about my day, I get a text late afternoon saying that he had been to 8 different stores trying to find this wine. Um, obsess much? Do I want to meet this guy? At this point I’m thinking there is something wrong with him. Is he crazy? He could have asked where to get it. I’m stubborn enough for two people. I don’t need to be with a guy who is just as stubborn or crazy.

By 6pm I’m sitting on a park bench in the shade of the pavilion looking through a magazine while waiting on this crazy guy that took finding a bottle of wine as a personal challenge.  People are looking as they are driving by and I’m wondering, where is this guy? I look up as a white Ford F150 creeps by at a snails pace with the driver staring as he drives past. My thoughts went straight to, “He’s a weirdo. I hope this guy Patrick gets here before he comes back.”


The white truck came back. Oh God, he drives a FORD! (My family only drives Chevy and Dodge.) The next shock came when he got out of the truck. He didn’t just slide out of the truck, he had to unfold himself to get out of the truck. (The man is 6’3” and no, he doesn’t fit too well in my little car.) Saying “HI”, he pulls a small Coleman cooler out of the truck. Practical. The wine was cold and on ice, but I REALLY wanted to giggle about the cooler. Now I already knew at this point that he couldn’t find the Frog’s Leap. However, the guy at the liquor store assured Patrick that this bottle was just as good…

The ice finally broke when we both spit the most horrid liquid imaginable out of our mouths.


Please Note: This is an online contest. You understand, that by entering the contest and submitting your information, your image and first names may appear online (facebook and/or website) and that you waive your right to privacy. This contest is for a free Couples Photo Session only. There will be no monetary compensation. The photo session must take place within a 50 mile radius of DeSoto, MO.  You are responsible for any fees, if applicable, associated with the venue you choose for the session. You must schedule your session within 6 months of winning.