The critters have surprised us both with their attachment to each other. One cannot be out of sight of the other. When that happens, they start bellowing. I know – horses neigh. Not Mine…. I couldn’t wait to post “Fury”. My babies get upset when they are seperated. We are working on that. A little at a time.




Patrick took Chick out of the pasture to ride and Sonny watched every detail of the saddling process. He paced back and forth along the fence. When Patrick mounts, Sonny gets excited because he wants to go to. Patrick will ride on the other side of the fence so Sonny can go along for a bit. But when Sonny runs out of fence he starts throwing a fit.


He runs, rears, neighs, and works himself into a sweat. It’s two for one exercise day….


By the end, all is well. Chick shows up and a sweaty Sonny rolls in the dirt. She gets a bath and Sonny tries to help clean her too. Later we do it all again with Chick when Patrick saddles up Sonny. However, bath time was interesting. Sonny’s first bath is a story for another day….