Some of you have questioned where I have been. I did disappear for a while. It’s all do to changes. Changes are a constant in life.

There’s reacurring changes, like the seasons. I found myself hibernating a little this past winter. Brooding, some called it. I called it thinking. Normally I am a winter person, out and about, playing in the snow, but I just didn’t feel it this past year. I did get some sledding in, accessorized with WD-40 (in honor of Christmas Vacation).

Now Spring is around the bend and I find myself waking up, just like the red buds and dogwoods. I’m blooming a little again. That thinking over Winter was a long drawn out affair, and now I’m ready for action. Change is in the air itself. Well, I might have mistaken pollen for change….

Whatever that is in the air, it’s a positive thing. Positivity is needed to get you through the unexpected changes. Unexpected changes are those things that pop up and you are completely unprepared for them. We learned this past winter that fire is definately an unexpected change. I get a call from Crazy Man saying the house is on fire. He can’t find the cat, Corona. I tell him he’s (the cat) probably hiding. Ten minutes later I get another call – “I saved the Cat and the cowhides!” My Hero. Patrick had to change from EMT back into a Firefighter. He helped put out the fire with two Volunteers as the big tankers could not get through the old gate.

By the end of January chaos faded and time slowed a little. Have you ever experienced slow changes? I don’t think a slow change is a bad thing. They can be wonderful. But you do wonder where the time went. There has been some wonderful slow changes in Sonny and Chick. Sonny has turned from an unsure sideliner into an active member of the family. Being a work horse and alone his whole life, he was not quite sure what to do with affection. After a year of quiet talking and pampering he now seeks out treats and a scratch. He has found that a brush feels amazing! He still refuses to admit he’s my horse. He knows it. He just won’t admit it, except when Patrick and I hug by the fence. There’s a little burst of jealousy there…..stubborn.

Sonny has inspired changes in Chick. Both of them are 14 this year, yet they are acting like 5 year olds. Sonny pesters Chick until she decides to play with him and off they go. They’re playing chase, keep away, catch, rearing, bucking, jumping, and in general creating havoc. Sonny has also found that it is fun to play tug of war with my Dad when he collects the feed tubs for me. Occassionally he will hide one to see if Dad finds it. Let’s just say that Sonny and Chick’s relationship has amazed us all. That is a good thing. I have looked backward this past winter, but now their enthusiasm has made me look forward to future changes.

I want to continue to find my creative self. Apparently so does everyone else around here. There had been nudging. Now there is pushing and it has gotten me excited. I have a lot of changes planned for this year and into the future. Stay tuned for those……