I had the opportunity to work on a wonderful portrait of a young lady wearing her WWII “Victory Badge” on her dress.

Looking at the photo below you are wondering what is wrong with it. Well, there’s not much. The photo has been really well taken care of. There are no tears, creases, or scratches. There is not even very much fading!


However, look at the closeup –


There are some discolored stripes starting to appear as well as spots. There are tiny little scratches that you can see after being blown up, but not with the naked eye.  Last but not least, the silent destroyer of old photos is starting to appear in the acid etching present on her cheek. This photo will start to fade soon, even being protected as it has been. (On a completely different level – the weird ribbon on her dress is competing with the flowers and shell necklace causing a distraction.)

Below I have a close up of the finished photo. Her necklace is once again pink and the soft cream of the calla lilies really show nice with the white lily of the valley. The greenery really makes the bouquet pop. (And the ribbon is gone! – I couldn’t help it…)


The close up is beautiful and so are the original and enhanced images below.

  Image108A     Image108C