Marble Creek, Mark Twain National Forest, Mo

I did actually lose my marbles and laughed myself silly at Marble Creek.

Patrick and I stopped by Mark Twain National Forest as we left Deer Camp. We had a wonderful fun day, both tired and soar, but still having energy to burn. So we stopped at the park and hiked through the woods to get to the waters edge. He of course walked ahead of me to deter spider webs. 🙂

The granite rocks are placed every foot or so. The water swirls around and over them. It’s beautiful with the foliage starting to turn.

Patrick was trying to “help” me cross the rocks for better angles, taking his impromtu role as photography assistant seriously. He went bounding over the rocks like a jack rabbit…with one wet boot….

Yep, he fell in the water, got his leg wet. I was concerned and asked if he was okay. Ten minutes later, I heard a splash behind me. Yep you guessed it. Again! This time in a pool up to his waist. I was really trying to have a serious expression and not laugh.

Even wet, he is the psycho-chivalrous gentleman that I know. He was helping me over the rocks and…

Yep, in the water a third time. This time sideways, so he was fully soaked and mad, cause I could NOT STOP laughing. I practically fell in the water at this point.

Next time when we go it will not be fifty degrees and we will have a change of clothes. He had a cold ride home.