We’re getting cool nights here in Missouri and you can see a hint of change in the trees. So we hopped in the car and headed out to find some early fall color. We wound up at Elephant Rocks State Park. Ever wonder where all the cobblestones for the old St. Louis streets came from?

Elephant Rocks is the site of a huge mound of red granite where over the centuries, the weather has rounded and shaped the boulders left in the open. The top of the mound they sit on is worn smooth with small depressions where the rain has dissolved the rock. Stone cutters for many years have carved their names or numbers into the surface upon reaching Master status.

Its a beautiful park where you wind through the woods and maze of perfectly round boulders. I kept searching for pops of fall color and didn’t find it until I looked down. I found some great fall color in the form of mushrooms. When we finally wound our way through the trees to the site of one of the old quarries, the rain storm was coming closer. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to the top of the mound.