Everyone’s getting a bonus today as I catch up on all the photos I have taken this past week. During my vacation I have had some great food. Thought I would also pass on some food photo tips for all you foodies out there! These are wonderful articles. Enjoy!

The Daily Post

Food photos are in the running to oust cat photos as internet darlings. Whether you write a recipe blog, post about Aunt Mary’s yearly Thanksgiving extravaganza, or like to share sculptural restaurants dishes on Instagram, lots of you are publishing food photos.

Food isn’t quite the same as people or landscapes — it’s easy to make a beautiful panorama look good; less so a bowl of beef stew. Edible subjects have nuances of color and texture, and food styling adds another artistic layer. To help everyone take photos to rival Bon AppetitThe Daily Post grilled six of WordPress.com’s most popular foodies on camera gear, lighting tips, styling, and more.

Say hello to our sweet, savory, and skilled shutterbugs:

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