I had introduced you guys to Sonny Boy, Chick, and Lovie, the troublemaking trio, in my previous posts – The No-Horn Unicorn & My Not-So-Magical Life and Mr Ed Rides Again – Solo.  I have mentioned Crazy Man in both of those, so I thought I would introduce you to Patrick.  He gets so excited about everything I do and “helps” by pointing out photo ops with his hand in front of the camera, lol. The man is 6′ 4″, his hand is always in front of the camera….

He introduced me to Sonny Boy, loved my cats, and is now putting me in danger by placing me in a boat. I can’t swim and go from 0 to Lobster in 2.5 seconds. This is my new favorite photo of him. He is a bit devilish. This was the look on his face before I wound up in the water…