This is a wonderful series that I will be re-blogging each week for my facebook friends! Many of you are into photography and I thought I would post some helpful information. I will admit, I only know enough technical stuff to get by. I see something I like and I shoot it, depending on my mood and what’s going on. I go for the ‘feel’ of a photo. I’m not thinking techy. Take a journey with me through this series and we’ll all learn something together.

The Daily Post

As recently mentioned, we’re excited to present a series devoted to photography and visual storytelling. We’ve rounded up talented photographers in our community to introduce the essentials, as well as their tips and tricks.

Our community is made up of all levels of bloggers and photographers: some Daily Post readers are just beginning to blog or experiment with a camera, while some of you are ready to sharpen your visual eye, hone your photography skills (whether on a film or dSLR or mobile phone camera), and think about blogging visually.

Simply put, there will be something for everyone in this series, and we’re excited for our guest photographers to share their ideas and techniques. But before we roll up our sleeves, let’s talk about the philosophy of photography, and why we take photographs.

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