Print yellowing and fading colors are (and have been) problems for all visual media, from Old Master oil paintings to newspapers, there are no exceptions.

The primary causes are in the environment – prolonged exposure to strong light, heat and excessive humidity that attack the pigments and dyes as well as the paper itself. Bad paper, light, and gases in the air are the top contributors to yellowing in printed material.
For maximum print life, you should display all prints under glass or lamination and properly store them.


When you store your photos it is best to keep them out of the sun and humidity or intense heat. Coldness, dryness, and darkness, are the best conditions for a photo. If you store the photos in an album, they will last longer than in frames, the albums with all the self stick, plastic overlays, and all of those other ‘features’ actually often contribute to rapid fading and photo quality degradation. Best thing to use is a photo album with archival envelopes/covers/enclosures/etc.

Now on to framing, if you want to frame your photos, glass with a UV coating are best especially if it is in a sunny room.