I thought I would introduce you to some of the cast of characters in my life. First there is Sonny Boy, the wild and free “Unicorn”. Then there is Chick, his sidekick and then Lovie, the wannabe.

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If you have read my Bio, you got to know a little about me. I love being creative and I had a pretty free-spirited childhood. But everything changes as we grow up and grow into ourselves. Some people grow outward, some inward. Somehow I managed to do both simultaneously. I went through a severe inward and repressive creative drought while outwardly growing into a confident, outgoing, outspoken person. I know, you’re like, “That is not possible.” Leave it to me to do things the hard way.

I got to live a dream for seven years and in some funny way, that killed some of the creativity inside me. I lived just a few short blocks from downtown and the river valley in Edmonton. I could walk anywhere and do anything. The eclectic array of shops fueled my passion for unique finds in fashion and for home. Oh how I loved Holt Renfrew! I spent my money on Cole Hahn, Michael Kors, BCBG, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Tahari, and Missoni. I traveled throughout Western Canada for work. We photographed a sports team on one day, a model portfolio on another day, and a wedding another day after that. The last two years in the whirlwind never ending schedule I found myself out on my balcony more and more planting tomato plants in huge pots wishing for simplicity.

Coming home, it took a while for the quiet to invade my being again. This year, I am re-inventing my life by going backwards. I’m finally at a place where I am excited about being creative. That is in part do to the unlikely trio above and one Crazy Man who decided to be psycho-chivalrous.

Lovie, is actually my Mother’s cat. He is a furball and being a feline, incredibly independent. I think he wants to be a horse, well at the least, make friends with one.

Then there is Chick. Crazy Man’s horse. She is the true leader of the bunch. Where she goes, the other two follow. She rules with a steel shod hoof. However, it does take two for the mischief that goes on and she is Sonny’s accomplice.

Now we get to Sonny Boy. He came to me in November of 2012. I’ve ridden a horse once. Never owned a horse. Never taken care of a horse. Crazy man brings me a horse. I see this beautiful white horse thats all mine. Every girls fantasy horse is a Unicorn or Pegasus right? Well, over the last few weeks and months I have learned that Sonny is no Unicorn. He is Mr. Ed. That’s no joke, he is literally Mr. Ed. If that kitchen door is unlocked, he’s walking right in. He waters himself too by turning on the outside faucet. Now if we could just get him to turn it off…. Oh, and he does this cute little thing, stretching his nose out at me to say hi. Too late did I realize that what it really meant was he had gas. Nice!

Through all of this craziness, I found myself getting excited by possabilities. There are animals again (well two horses) running around on the farm. The wildflowers are coming up in the fields and I’ve gone back to that quiet place where my roots run deep. I planted an orchard and am in the process of re-designing the garden. The farm is creating again. I am creating again.

This Blog houses my business, but it will also be a journey. A journey I am looking forward to traveling. Sonny will be traveling with me, after all I need a little magic sometimes. Oh, and I may get a little crazy and break out the power tools in my enthusiasm. I just hope that you will be enthusiastic enough to join me!